Sunday, January 24, 2010

What People Are Saying...

So i wore that [Kuroda Shirt] out the other night to umps at the fillmore... bartender was being somewhat of a dick to the two guys in front of me that were a little to spun to be trying to figure out how to split a bill... looks over as i'm about to bail + try a diff bar when all of a sudden he starts just ballin' laughing, asks what i want + tells me its on him if i tell him where i got the shirt because it was "so true" (oh the irony). I didn't remember the name/link to your site Jiggs (sorry man, it was half-way through the show + i was pretty drunk already) so i just said + told him to search for kuroda shirt.

So jiggs, if i see you at a show in the near future you've got a drink or two coming your way on my tab friend. :)
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