Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trey at the Fillmore and meeting Chris

     There's really not much to tell, other than a brief exchange. My wife and I waited on the other side of the FOH where people were coming in and out, and only Garry and another person was I waited...she took the camera. Chris came by at that point in kind of a hurry. I waited until he was behind the board and called his name. He didn't look up at first until I said "Here's the black shirt you requested..."
     He looked up and smiled, and I kind of leaned into the booth and handed it to him, and a couple of stickers. He said thanks, and I did too. He said he'd seen the other colors but he needed black. I told him that was the only black one made. I said I was really glad he liked it and got the joke and he smiled and said I could tell the world he hated those things. Since the show was about to begin, I thanked him again, and got out of the booth. I didn't realize until later that I had forgotten to ask him for a picture, but i didn't want to be 'that guy'. Thankfully my wife had the presence of mind to snap a couple of pictures of the exchange.

The show it self was top notch. The was the best form I had seen TAB in up to that point, including the sound mix. I know the song pool is smaller so by the time we had heard a lot of these songs, they had been played quite a few times. It was nice to see Burlap Sack and Pumps make it's first appearance of the year, and a high gear version, at that.

I was also really impressed with hearing Ice and Snow. I felt like it was a powerful version. That was a major highlight for me. I was also really struck with the harmonies, as well as Jennifer's vocals...especially on Black Dog. It was really obvious the amount of hours this band must have put in practicing together.

Tuesday ended the first set with no acoustic set played. They seemed to make up for it with lots of jamming in classic TAB staples like Curlew's Call and Sand. Even though the setlists don't change very much, this was just an incredible amount of fun and energy, and I was tempted to continue on to see them at the Tabernacle. I look forward to hearing more from TAB in the future. Fillmore did surprise us with the 12 dollar beer, though.


Thanks to all the folks from Reality Tour that made this short road trip so awesome!


  1. Thanks TO the ladies for hosting a nice gathering .And thanks to CC for hanging with us . What a blast .And I saw quite a few Jiggs shirts perusing the crowd it was a nice thing .

  2. Didn't want to be that guy? Come's awesome having a few beers and walking up to a complete stranger while wearing his name on a shirt and asking for a picture...nothing to be ashamed of - TweeterReprise

  3. Thank you again for the "custom" colored shirt. It is special to me in many ways, as you may guess. By the way, feel free to be "That Guy" for a photo anytime. I'm not very fond of the camera, but for you I would be glad to make an exception. Thank you again for all of your kind words, stickers and shirts.

    -- Chris