Saturday, April 3, 2010

(Just a little....) Light 2009 - One Disk Sampler

From the creator of Phish Destroys America (the must have 1997 compilation) comes a taste of the long awaited 2009 compilation entitled "Light". ChickenCrab Creations is giving us a sneak peak of what is to come. The full set will include 10 CDs of highlights from 2009 & custom covers of original art for download. Says ChickenCrab:

I've got 7 really solid discs right now, and I need to keep working on the rest. Damn perfectionism. It will be finished, but I won't release it until I'm 100% happy with it I guess.

As a good will gesture, here's what will be disc 10, known for now as...

(Just A Little) Light 2009

1 Back On The Train (Miami 12/30)
2 Undermind (Portland 11/29)
3 What's The Use (Miami 12/30)
4 Demand > (Miami 12/31)
5 Seven Below > (Albany 11/28)
6 Ghost > (Miami 12/31)
7 NO2 (Miami 12/31)
8 Shine A Light (Miami 12/31)

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  1. This is a nice tease .

    YAY !!!!

    ChickenCrab, Nice Job .

  2. Hey! One of my favorite memories with one of your mixes was playing phish destroys america walking with like 10 of us during antelope and picking up stragglers along the way...

    Phish destroys the F8 parade =)

    well done Mr.

  3. phish hasn't hired you yet?

  4. Awesome. Thanks for your hard work

  5. is there any way you could send me the tracklists for the 70VP & acoustic trey mixes (ie. the date of the shows to the tracks)?