Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pick 5

For the last 10 years or so, my family and I have participated in a kind of mini-game for every Phish show. If you are not into picking 10 one timers, encores, openers, closers, etc. you may enjoy this. It's a little simpler than PT and you can usually do it in the car right before you hit the lot. Bring a notepad and a pen and have someone get down everyone's picks.

Here's how it works: Pick any 5 songs you think the band will play that night. That's it...any 5. The beauty of this game is that two people can have entirely different lists, and still win. For that reason, a bonus song is picked, with the description being much more general like "New Cover Song:". Of course, it means that if they play a new original song, it doesn't count...and so on. The person with the most songs called in the show wins.

Who ever wins is usually bought hash-browns, or some other post show treat. My 11 year old recently aced this game the first night of Merriweather with a 4 out 5, picking Tube, Kill Devil Falls, Esther, Wolfmans, and Tweezer. Have fun and good luck!


  1. We play an adapted version where you pick 5 songs and then proceed to add up the LAST TIME PLAYED for each song. Whoever has the highest total wins. Strategy inevitably leads to 2-3 safe bets and 2-3 random selections. Fun to be had at all turns!

  2. Ocelot, Possum, Curtain With, TTE, Waste. Bonus: Rolling Stones Cover