Monday, October 4, 2010

Boston in Charleston

Balcony 3, Section N - 17.50 + fees

When I saw Phish in Charleston, I was only heading to see my third show ever, in an era when they were blowing minds nightly. I love this particular run, because it led up to the first ever Halloween musical costume in Glens Falls, NY.

I had heard that they were doing a lot of bluegrass type tunes this tour like Nellie Cane and Ginseng Sullivan. Then someone told us they were doing a bluegrass take on a Boston cover. One of the things that appealed to me about Phish is their ability to take the show into many different places. So, naturally I hoped that out of the two fall shows I was hitting that year that I would catch a version of that. That night I hit pay dirt. Besides a tight, well played show, I was treated to a mini bluegrass set with the Boston cover as the crown jewel. These moments continued to make me wonder where these guys had been all my life.

Below is a download for "Foreplay>Longtime" from Gallard Auditorium on 10-28-94. The original source was recorded on AKG 460's but I have no additional information on this recording. I have EQ'd the copy I was given and tried to improve the quality, but it may be a bit rough.

Foreplay>Longtime - download

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  1. The Gaillard was my first show & 10.16 will be my 100th in the same city.