Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peace Winds ASIHTOS donation

There were 24 pieces this time for the 2nd round of ASIHTOS shirts... going as far out as the UK. I went ahead and took the liberty of rounding up the donation amount to an even 200.00. It works out to over 8 dollars per garment this time. The donation to Peace Winds was made a few minutes ago.

For those still awaiting their shirts, I began shipping them out yesterday. I am converting my shipping method to use PayPal. So, I am sending out a few at a time to get used to the labeling system. By Thursday of next week, all shirts (including the ones headed to Japan) will be shipped out.

Thanks so much to everyone who ordered and helped out with this donation project! You are amazing people! I really enjoy mashing up pop culture references with our favorite band, and when we can do it and send a little help in the feels kind of awesome.

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