Monday, September 19, 2011

UIC Phan Badge For Mockingbird

Auction time again! This time is the Jiggs/PhanArt Phan badge for UIC. To my knowledge these are sold out, and sold out fast, according to PhanArt himself who had these phan badges available in the UIC lots.

If you didn't get a chance to get one then, this may be your last chance. Here's how it works. Place a bid in the comments section below. Please either sign in or provide a way for me to reach you. Anonymous bids will not be recognized. The bidding ends Wednesday September 21st at 6:00PM EST. If the winning bidder is not available, I will move to the next closest bid.

The winning bidder will transfer the funds to me via paypal, and I will donate to the Mockingbird Foundation directly, rather than involving eBay, or another service that would take a fee.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who bid. These Blog-Auctions are really seeing some success. The winning bidder was wookiepatch with a bid of $30 sixty seconds before the auction ended. (see comment section). Nice going! The patch and a couple of surprises for the winner will be sent out tomorrow. The donation will be made to Mockingbird tonight.


  1. $10.00

  2. $21.00

  3. I am dropping in a last minute proxy bid since there seems to be a long delay in bids uploading and I figure someone may try to snipe my previous bid of $21 at the last minute.

    proxy bid to $30. Any higher and I am out.

    cheers to $ towards a good cause!

  4. Literally last minute, too.
    Very cool!!!!

    Thanks to everyone here who put in a bid. I am very excited to see this go to the Mockingbird Foundation!

  5. shoot me an email and let me know where to paypal to.