Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The NYE 2011 Cuckoo Pin

We are very happy to introduce the NYE 2011 Cuckoo Pin. These LE pins feature the cuckoo clock from the NYE poster. The run is limited to 100 pieces. The 2" high pin features 8 colors on soft enamel, allowing the details to pop out. The clock face has the numbers 28,29,30 and 31 in roman numerals, and the years 2011, and 2012 appear above the clock face. Also, the clock-work band on the little stage is playing some very familiar instruments. they are also numbered 1-100.

Jiggs Lot will only have less than half of this run available for sale online. Phro will have the rest in Denver and in NYC.

Get yours here.


  1. Sickest New Years Pin Ever!!!!

  2. I agree with Anonymous. Jiggs, you're my hero.

  3. They are fantastically wonderful .heck yeah.

  4. Great Job dude! I saw your poster recently as well, big fan of the art you're putting out. I want one of each, poster/pin. I cannot order till Monday. If you could hold on to one of each I;d appreciate it. I could not find contact info so wrote this here. Thanks and keep making art.

    I will purchase on Monday 100 percent no flake here, serious art collector.

  5. I also agree with Anonymous, these are legendary.