Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Time Has Come for Changes

2011 was a great year for me, but not without it's ups and downs. It was a year of great shows, great meet-ups and what seemed like endless possibilities. It was a year that allowed me to donate several hundred dollars to a few different organizations, and realize several designs that were waiting to be made. I had collaborations on stickers, pins, and posters and have learned many things along the way.

As I make plans for 2012, I realize that I need to move forward with my ideas. I will be making a move away from logo inspired parody art to creating more original pieces. What is listed in the Jiggs Lot Store will be the last of those types of designs I will produce, save for a few promised exceptions like a re-run of the Reba Alliance and Twist shirts. This is not to say I will never do that type of art again, but I think that the increase of folks getting into making "lot art" has saturated the market. There are plans for a few of these types of projects, and then I would like to move away from it completely.

I am making plans for my first solo poster, several pins, and a few designs that could eventually become shirts. I also hope to have a regular monthly blog feature coming soon as well. The NYE shows were an unexpected wonderful way to reconnect with my Phish family. I hope to make those following my work proud with some new ideas, as well as expanding my donations this year to include the Waterwheel Foundation.

Thank you so much for all the love and support in 2011.

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