Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Twist Around - Again!

Twist Around shirts have returned for a limited time. Inspired by the county fair ride, these Twist shirts feature a 3 color front/3 color back design. The colors on the example are approximate. The spinning Tilt -a- Whirl car will be smaller and centered between the shoulder blades on the back of the shirt. Those familiar with our pre-order formula know we only print what is ordered. Previously offered for Summer 2011, there will now be options for Long Sleeve and Hoodies.

I will be using Gildan products on this run. Please Google search the following style numbers for any questions on sizing. Short Sleeves - 5000 (tall sizes are sport grey only), Long Sleeves - 2400, Ladies 64000L (soft fit), Hoodies - 18500. The color will be a light/sky blue.

Orders will close on Sunday October 7th. - Shirts will ship approximately 10 days after that.

Orders are closed.

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  1. Awesome that they're coming back, since my old one is now four sizes too large for me I'll have to pick one up. Thanks Jiggs.