Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reba 2.0 Shirts

The Reba design has been revamped for another pre-order run. This 2.0 version features a round version similar to the Reba pin that was released a couple of years ago. The design also features a "battle worn" distressing. The print is a one color red on sport grey. I will be using Gildan garments for this run. All garments used are a 90/10 cotton blend. If you have any questions as to the specific size charts, please Google the style numbers below.

Short Sleeves - Gildan style 2000
Long Sleeves - Gildan style 2400
Ladies - Gildan style 64000L
Hoodies - Gildan style 18500 

Reba 2.0

****IMPORTANT PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING... We will only print what is ordered. I allow for a few extras after each run, but to guarantee your size and style, place your order now. Please correct your Paypal address before ordering. If I change an address, Paypal no longer protects me, so please do this before you order. Also, your shipping confirmation will be sent to the email address you ordered from.  
The shirts will begin shipping about 10-14 days after the orders close. Orders close on Dec. 4th, so I expect these to ship out to you before Christmas.



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