Friday, June 14, 2013

Step into the Freezer Shirt!

Step into the Freezer!
Introducing the Step into the Freezer shirt! A re-imagined take on an old classic. I have been hashing out the best way to draw out this idea and thought a floor freezer was a good way to go. This was also my first attempt at a multi-color screen print.

The design is a 4 color front print (white, red, turquoise, and sienna), and a one color back on a Navy shirt.

Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold.
These orders will stay open until I have built up a little stock. Some of these garments will be ready right away, but please allow 2 weeks for your shirt to arrive, in case there are any issues with ordering these shirts as needed. This will be your chance to get Hoodies or Long Sleeves, as I do not keep these items stocked regularly. Hoodie and Long sleeve orders are closed.

I have listened to your feedback about the garments and I have decided to go all Gildan Softspun on the tees. Long sleeves will still be the same ones I have used, but the Gildan Softspun line combines the durability I need with a lighter and more comfortable fabric. 3X and talls will still be on the Ultras I have been using, so this change will not affect my big and tall people. I think you guys will be really happy with these. All sales are final. For sizing charts and info, check here before you order.

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