Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Journey to Hampton Poster Process

It's that time again! These process posts have been getting positive feedback when I see folks in the lot, so I figured I would keep it going with the two posters I have planned for the fall. Journey to Hampton has been in my head for a little over a year now. Sometimes an idea has to wait until they play a venue again. Keep checking this post for photo updates of the printing process. Remember when ink hits paper, the pre-order ends.

I started with the venue itself, and decided to make one for each night.
The little robot fish (what I them) came later. Theme From the Bottom was the song I held in my head for the inspiration.

The bathysphere was something I thought of during the drawing process. I wanted to combine elements of the past and the future. You can see on this early drawing where I changed my mind about where the word Hampton would appear.

Here's where the layers started to come together.

Adding the background (paper) color.

Ink selections have been made. A little mixing will happen. Check out that silver!

Seafoam Green being created

The paper is here!

Colors against the paper stock
Soon to be full of blue paper.
Transparencies are done!
Seafoam green on blue

Seafoam and Silver

 White has been printed. It's hard to tell in this photo, as the white is similar to the silver with a flash.
The finished poster!