Thursday, December 3, 2009

Col. Forbin's Design for Heady Threads

I was commissioned to do a few designs for headythreads, the first being an updated Coke parody featuring Col. Forbins. The shirts will be printed on Gildan 100% cotton red shirts. The back of the shirt reads "I know why you've come here."

I will not be selling these shirts, but since I have a hand in creating them, the shirts will be featured here when they are finished. This design is in production now, and will be on the lot in Miami. For information about these shirts or to find out about getting one before Miami, please contact:


  1. Say there! Was unable to reach you at the email at

    I had tickets to all three nights of Miami, but had to back out at the last minute for financial reasons. Not only did I miss the shows, but I missed the chance to get my hands on your most excellent Forbin t-shirt!

    Please, please say there is a way for me to get one (aside from drugging my friend who was wearing it at MPP this weekend and taking it off his back).


  2. Sorry I did these for that guy "Heady threads" but have not heard from him since the shirts were created. I was just commissioned to do the art.