Monday, December 21, 2009

Rounding Out Heady Threads 2010 Designs

These last two designs for Heady Threads round out the designs commissioned for early next year. The final shirt and ink colors are being selected, and these are expected to be available next month.

This one parodies Pirate Bay and features two lyrics from the song. The front subtext reads "the moment ends though I feel winds". The back reads "Hear the order Watch the sail". The graphics are, of course, approximate to the colors chosen, but the final prints for the Moma Dance Shirts should be bright mustard yellow on a slate/stone blue shirt. The sail features Fishman's Donut Dress.

This one features a white on kelly green print based on a popular clothing manufacturer...which I understand is overrated. The subtext on this one reads "thoughts faded". A leaf beatle replaces what was once a tree in the center. The larger version is a kelly on white to show the detail. Congrats to Heady Threads for some great concepts to work from, and good luck in 2010!

For information on getting your hands on one of these, please contact HeadyThreads at

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