Monday, February 21, 2011

Internet Friends and the State of Ohio

A side benefit of being a member of one or two message boards and Twitter is meeting people that you've previously only conversed with online. Of course, this leads to meet-ups, tweet-ups and big-ups...many of the folks that I initially met online are now long term friends in real life. Many remain acquaintances, and those part time family members that somehow you keep seeing every summer.

This winter, instead of a Trey show right in my backyard, I decided to make the trip to see some, in Ohio. I love the side projects as much as Phish, especially Classic TAB. I have never made an 8 hour drive to see a side project yet, but somehow, the allure of the meet-up and a throw-down makes it a little sweeter. It doesn't hurt that the band is firing on all cylinders, either.

I will hopefully be tweeting from the show and capturing some HD video to post later. I may or may not make the Tweet-up, but I will try...See you guys there!


  1. Yeeeeeehaww!!!!!

  2. will be at Columbus show, hope to see you there