Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little Break (part 2)

Ok, so it's like this. The random requests are getting more frequent, and more demanding. For whatever reason if you didn't get a shirt in the pre-order, there will be no favoritism. I am not "saving" any shirts for anyone. In a day or so I will put up links to whatever Ghost shirts remain.

I keep the pre-orders open for a week, and run it through Twitter and Facebook. When I post about this on Phish message boards, I get modded, banned, or accused of spamming, so I try to let folks know about them through my own channels.

What started as something fun for me is getting less and less so. There may be one or two exceptions in the future, but for now I am definitely done with mailing shirts out.


  1. say it aint so Jiggs! Look forward to your shirts like I look forward to an aftershow lot PBJ!

  2. thats a real bummer Jiggs. your designs are fun, and they will be missed. won't you reconsider after a hiatus?