Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ocean Shirts For Japan

I have had this design for quite some time. I have been tweaking it and changing it for about 2 years, trying to get it the way I like it. Originally I had planned on doing it over the summer (2011) in hopes the song would become more of a staple, but it's not that well known of a beer brand. Considering what happened in Japan, I thought it would be a good thing to do a run of this design specifically to benefit relief efforts there.

Close up of design
I will account for all shirt costs to produce these, then donate the rest to (at this point) the American Red Cross. In the rare event that donations exceed costs for the relief efforts there, some funds would be redistributed to domestic issues (per the Red Cross website). I am open to changing the destination of the funds if someone can provide me with good information on where else to donate.

The shirt color is Chestnut to represent the bottle color. Chocolate will be used for the long sleeves and hoodies. Grey will be used to substitute the tall sizes. The print is white, red, and black and features the kanji symbol meaning 'ocean' or 'sea'. The image will be roughly 7 inches across the front. The design is based off of the Asahi beer brand (which, I am told, is the most popular beer in Japan), and features the acronym for the song in the main text. As well as a hopeful message of "Shining Light in Darkness Deep" where the brewery information would normally be. For short sleeves, I will be using Gildan 100% cotton shirts, long sleeves will be my standard Gildan 2400. The only difference is the ladies shirts will be style 64000L. The hoody is style 18500 (7.5 oz.). This is a pre-order only. Pre-order will be open until March 20th. No more orders will be accepted after that point. No Special Orders. I am expecting about a 10 day turn around from the time that the pre-order closes. I am only accepting PayPal. I am unable to keep up with all the checks and MO's and addresses otherwise. I apologize for the inconvenience.

White, Red & Black on Chestnut

Pre-order is closed


  1. Very Nice Jiggs . Always something fresh from you .

    I love Asahi and I love The song .

  2. This is my favorite one by far! Definitely picking up a hoodie - thanks Jiggs!

  3. Great shirt!
    If you choose not to donate to Red Cross, here is a link we are giving patrons at our library about smart donations: http://bit.ly/e9HE0F

  4. Well done! Don't let the bastards get you down-you are doing a good thing here for Japan!

  5. I am buying the short and long sleeve for myself and the short sleeve for my wife. Do these run true to size and will they shrink much? Thanks in advance!

  6. I charge $15 for international shipping. The box USPS gives me is very small for that flat rate, so I can only fit 2 short sleeves in one box. Not the larger sizes that would only be one per box.

    I'm kinda stuck that way...but that's what I have been able to manage thus far.

  7. Great Idea!

    Other charities you might consider are:

    Mercy Corps (US) and Peace Winds (Japan)

    Currently Mercy Corps is working with Peace Winds to distribute food, and provisions to those affected in Northern Japan. Peace Winds along with other Japanese charities worked hard in New Orleans when Katrina hit in 2005.

    Just a thought of course. Thanks again.

  8. Thanks Jiggs, I really like this design. Thank you for all your hard work. It's a really good thing that you're doing :) x
    As far as the posting to the UK, whatever works best for you. We could do what we did last time with the Reba Alliance shirt since that was easy. Let me know whats good. Cheers x

  9. beutifulbuz Can't remember what we did for that...did I ship it to a US address? My hands are kinda tied with international shipments.

    You can email me @ jiggslikesphishAT gmail if you want to give me some details.

    Thanks for the kind words. It's really a very small gesture. I really appreciate all the support that's been coming in from the folks who have bought my shirts before and the other Phish related blogs.

  10. Thanks a lot!!
    I am a Japanese.

    This logo is a label design of the beer which is very famous in Japan.
    Japanese anyone knows ASAHI BEER.

    All Japanese make a lot of it efforts now for a country.
    I strongly believe that Japan revives.

    "shining light in darkness deep"

  11. just wanted to take time to say that i simply love the design...i work at a Japanese restaurant and the design is perfect..i sell alot of Asahi. That aside..i think it is amazing that you are doing this for donations. That is truly inspiring and i applaud you!

  12. Thank you SO MUCH! I love hearing that kind of feedback. It means a lot to me. FYI...there will be a second run of these. :)


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