Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Shirts!

So... many of you have noticed by now that I have introduced the Twist shirt. I was inspired last minute and didn't plan on having any with me in the lot this year. I will also be introducing another brand new pre-order shirt coming this Monday that will be Plinko themed. This will also be a pre-order only situation, as I will probably do with all my shirts from here on out. This method allows me to keep making small batches.

I will also be re-running some of the older, more popular shirts by pre-order this summer. These will drop on Mondays yet to be determined. Each one, like these, will last for one week, and then be pulled. If you missed your chance to get one of last years shirts, check the blog or twitter for updates.

There is also a good chance I will be headed to Superball....yet another last minute decision. I may - or may not - have any of these shirts with me. So, if you see something you want, it would be best to grab it during the pre-order.

A thousand thank yous to everyone who continues to support me.

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