Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jiggs Pick 5 Game

So it'll be time for another rendition of my Pick 5 game. No rules, or stat knowledge needed. I have reposted the "rules" below. On twitter, I will be using the hashtag #JiggsPick5 for mine.

Here's how it works: Pick any 5 songs you think the band will play that night. That's it...any 5. The beauty of this game is that two people can have entirely different lists, and still win. For that reason, a bonus song is picked, with the description being much more general like "New Cover Song:". Of course, it means that if they play a new original song, it doesn't count...and so on. The person with the most songs called in the show wins.

The traditional prize for the victor is usually hashbrowns, but you can substitute your own loot.Oh, one more thing...we only play the game for shows we are going to.


  1. I am sooo kicking your ass this run . ... Game face on ....

    <3 <3 <3