Friday, July 1, 2011

A Message of Thanks from Japan

Yesterday I received this email, because of our efforts (through the ASIHTOS shirts) to raise money for Peace Winds. For all of you who purchased a shirt during this time, this message is also for you...

Peace Winds America joins the Consul General and Prime Minister in expressing our deepest gratitude to you—all who have supported the people of Japan through funding for relief and recovery as well as through prayers and heartfelt concern.  Your generous response has been overwhelming and we thank you.

Since the March 11 earthquake/tsunami, Peace Winds America and our sister organization, Peace Winds Japan, have provided relief to the northeastern area devastated by the tsunami.  We continue to offer relief to survivors in shelters – from food and nutrition to entertainment and haircuts.  We are delivering household supplies – including blankets, sheets, cooking utensils, and cutlery – to an estimated 11,000 families in temporary homes.  We are targeting the elderly to ensure that they are not forgotten and that their wisdom and experiences are tapped. Additionally, Peace Winds is working closely with local Chambers of Commerce and Industry as well as with Fishing Cooperatives to create jobs, restore livelihoods, and accelerate recovery.
Please continue to join us in targeted relief and recovery for the people and the affected communities of Japan.

In deepest appreciation,
  Peace Winds America

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