Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Signed Whalecallers Sticker

I was extremely surprised and flattered to get this picture (sent to me by PT user TheSloth0711). This morning he and his girlfriend (PT user Violalee555) were near the Senate building when they got an opportunity to speak with Trey.

Violalee555 took the chance to ask if he would sign a sticker...well, I'll let TheSloth0711 tell the story...

"He was on his way to the Senate building when we got to say hello - my girl (Violalee555 on pt ;) asked if he'd sign the sticker and he cracked a HUGE smile when he saw the one she meant (not the 'phish' logo sticker) and said he loved the creativity..."

Enormous thanks to you both or having the presence of mind to get something signed, and thanks for picking my sticker. I am on top of the world right now.

For more information on why Trey was on Capitol Hill this morning,check out this article from Jambands.com.

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