Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Colorado 2012 Poster Process

Finished art.
It was a challenge trying to capture the industry of Commerce City in a fun way. The idea of turning a factory into a reel to reel came out of some other doodles for this one.The smoke actually happened by accident, which is always nice.

First reel to reel sketch
The last elements to come together on this one were the loudspeaker and the pipes. At that point I think the idea was floated to try and use a metallic copper to pull off a realistic color. I am excited to see how that comes out.

Follow along with this post as the posters get printed. I will post updates here during the process as I get them.

Only 50 are being made available for online sales.

Finished smokestack

Early composition ideas / Loudspeaker sketch

Close up of loudspeaker drawing

Down the pipes
More transparencies!
Ink colors against a sample of the paper stock.

First color going down.



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