Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Light 2009

I am very happy to announce the arrival of Light 2009, a comprehensive Phish compilation spanning all of 2009. Totaling 10 disks in all, each disk was painstakingly mixed as if it were an entire set, with crowd noise completing the illusion. Those of you who enjoyed ChickenCrab's Phish Destroys America will find this a must-download.

MP3's are up now, the FLAC's and printable artwork will be finished uploading in about a day or so. So check back for updates to the links below.

1 Fluffhead (Hampton 3/6)
2 Halley's Comet (The Fox 6/16)
3 A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing (Deer Creek 6/19)
4 Foam (Knoxville 6/10)
5 Boogie On Reggae Woman (The Fox 6/16)
6 When The Cactus Are In Bloom (Asheville 6/9)
7 David Bowie (Knoxville 6/10)
8 Glory Days (Bonnaroo 6/14)

1 Destiny Unbound (Fenway 5/31)
2 Tube (Burgettstown 6/18)
3 Fee (Camden 6/7)
4 Sand (Camden 6/7)
5 Curtis Lowe (Fenway 5/31)
6 Kill Devil Falls -> (Bonnaroo 6/12)
7 Free (Burgettstown 6/18)
8 Bold As Love (Asheville 6/9)

1 Buried Alive (Jones Beach 6/5)
2 Colonel Forbin's Ascent -> (Hartford 8/14)
3 Fly Famous Mockingbird (Hartford 8/14)
4 Reba (Philly 11/24)
5 Tela (Miami 12/30)
6 Birds Of A Feather (Philly 11/25)
7 Timber Ho (Albany 11/27)
8 It's Ice (Hampton 3/7)
9 Harpua (SPAC 8/16)

1 Light -> (Gorge 8/7)
2 Taste (MSG 12/3)
3 Tweezer -> (Red Rocks 7/31)
4 Backwards Down The Number Line -> (SPAC 8/16)
5 Twenty Years Later (SPAC 8/16)
6 Roggae (Miami 12/28)
7 Tweezer Reprise (Gorge 8/8)

1 Wolfman's Brother (Red Rocks 7/30)
2 Bathtub Gin (Gorge 8/7)
3 Split Open And Melt (Cinci 11/21)
4 46 Days -> (MPP 8/15)
5 Oh! Sweet Nuthin' (Shoreline 8/5)
6 Slave To The Traffic Light (Hartford 8/14)

1 Gotta Jibboo (Cinci 11/20)
2 Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley (Gorge 8/7)
3 On Your Way Down (Albany 11/27)
4 Rock And Roll -> (Gorge 8/8)
5 Makisupa Policeman -> (Miami 12/28)
6 Harry Hood (Philly 11/24)

1 PARTY TIME!!!! (MPP 8/15)
2 Stash (Festival 8 10/30)
3 Mike's Song -> (MSG 12/4)
4 I Am Hydrogen -> (MSG 12/4)
5 Weekapaug Groove (Philly (11/24)
6 Esther (Red Rocks 8/1)
7 The Curtain With (Red Rocks 8/1)
8 Suzy Greenberg (Festival 8 10/31)

1 Golden Age -> (Albany 11/27)
2 Down With Disease -> (MSG 12/3)
3 Piper (Festival 8 10/30)
4 Drowned -> (Red Rocks 7/31)
5 Crosseyed And Painless -> (Red Rocks 7/31)
6 Joy (Red Rocks 7/31)
7 The Squirming Coil (Cinci 11/21)

1 Cities -> (Shoreline 8/5)
2 Maze (MSG 12/4)
3 Torn And Frayed (Cinci 11/21)
4 Heavy Things (Chicago 8/11)
5 Meat (11/29 Portland)
6 You Enjoy Myself (MSG 12/4)
7 Swept Away / Steep (Miami 12/31)
8 Run Like An Antelope (Miami 12/30)

1 Back On The Train (Miami 12/30)
2 Undermind (Portland 11/29)
3 What's The Use (Miami 12/30)
4 Demand -> (Miami 12/31)
5 Seven Below -> (Albany 11/28)
6 Ghost -> (Miami 12/31)
7 NO2 (Miami 12/31)
8 Shine A Light (Miami 12/31)

Media fire has asked me to remove these links. Sorry guys.

Update(5/10/10) - There were several corrupted file issues with the first mp3's I uploaded, so I stopped pushing the comp on people while I put new ones up. Hopefully these new versions are error free. It seems like the bad files stayed pretty standard, so I also uploaded a file of just the corrupted track replacements so everyone doesn't have to grab the whole thing again. These are Free, BOAF, Sneakin' Sally, Curtain With, Heavy Things, and Antelope. Let me know if you need something that's not in there.

The FLAC's are still being uploaded. I've resigned myself to them being done when they're done. They keep timing out, so it'll probably be a couple days yet. I've put up the printable artwork though, so if you want to make yourself a physical copy grab 5 regular thin double disc cases and print out this pdf (linked above) at actual size while waiting.
Update: 5-14-10: ChickenCrab is currently trying to get another set of files uploaded from a different location.  Thanks for all the kind comments on the disks downloadable so far. I will make a new blog post when the files are in place - Jiggs

UPDATE 5-19-10 - All individual MP3s were reloaded here.


  1. W00t w00t! This is great! Thanks CC and Jiggs!

  2. I LOVE YOU JIGGS....... =)

  3. I mean chickencrabs... woootwooot

    Jiggs too!

  4. ChickenCrab ftmfw

  5. anyone else having issues unzipping some of the files?

  6. Where is the download link?

  7. yeah...i receive an error every time i unzip. it's id'd as a corrupt file. bummer.

  8. ChickenCrab is aware of some of the issues with unzipping. They seem to be fine on a mac. Are you guys using WinRAR to unzip? Has anyone tried using WinZIP?

  9. I tried WinZip and it appears it is one file (song) that is corrupt in the zipped folder and will not open. Winzip will open the rest of the songs.

    Example: Disc 2 will give you this description on Free:

    "Extracting 2-07 Free (Burgettstown 6_18).mp3
    CRC check failed"

    It will extract everything else and leave this song out.

    On another note the files I have opened are awesome!

  10. Hi guys, glad you're liking this! Sorry for the corrupted files. Seems like it happened during upload because they all work fine for me here. I'm working on getting new versions uploaded. MP3's should be by Saturday morning, FLAC's take significantly longer though.

  11. Any chance the FLAC files will be posted soon?

  12. The FLAC's finished uploading last night, but people are reporting corrupted file issues with them too. New ones should be up by Monday.

  13. Thanks! Just what I need to prep for my first show in a decade. I’m actually in the middle of Destroys right now, and was thinking that comparing ‘97 to Ph3.0 might be setting the bar a bit high.
    (thanks to livemusicblog for the link)

  14. Awesome! Thanks for reposting. Discs 1, 4, 5, 8 and 10 are all good for me using Winzip. I am uploading to my ipod now. Thanks for the fresh treat!

  15. fuckin awesome.. thanks

  16. Wow!! Great I've been checking everyday since I discovered your sampler a couple weeks ago. I've made it through the first 4 disks, EPIC! You are the man!!

  17. This is so heady. Can't wait to fill in the couple corrupted files. Thanks for making such a sweet mix for the '09.

  18. The MP3's are coming up as rar. files

    Can they be made to zip files instead

  19. The original uploads I did were zips and are still up there in a folder marked as corrupted. If you want to try those, be my guest. No promises though. To extract the new rar files, grab WinRAR for PC or UnRARX for Mac - both free.

  20. i know there are limits and you can't include every song, and i recognize that the process of editing and mixing and the effort involved here is extremely arduous, complicated and super impressive, and i appreciate and applaud your effort. well done indeed. i also know this comment may set off a whole blarg discussion of this vs that (though i hope it doesn't), because i realize how nitpicky and persnickety we all can be with our phish thoughts, and how we all feel differently and how truly impossible a feat it would be to resolve all those opinions into a happy consensus that everyone loves in sum and total ... but that said, i really do believe the exclusion of the F8 "Loving Cup" is a bummer. i'm not here to say what it should be there instead of, or anything like that at all. but for me, it's just something that i'd want on any Phish highlights from 2009. perhaps the best version ever of one of their most joyous songs. at the least, "Loving Cup" was the first song on the cutting room floor, right?

    i know, i know... there's always a complainer in the bunch. i am much obliged for this mix, as awesome as it truly is. so i'll stfu now and go back to my anonymous lurking. cheers.

  21. Thanks for posting these! I really appreciate the effort! I just pulled down the .rar files. When I unzipped Disc 2, it created a Disc 3 directory, and had the same files in it as Disc 3. So I just wanted to let you know that Disc2.rar seems to be bad. Also, using 7-Zip to extract from the .rar files, I have seen 3 corrupted files present. I am going to try and burn anyways and see what happens. Thanks again!!

  22. I purposely left off anything from Exile and the acoustic set. The Exile songs just have such a different feel to them with all the extra players that they don't really fit smoothly with other songs on a disc. My only other option was to make up a greatest hits of Exile disc, which seemed kind of pointless. I got away with Suzy on here because of Trey's intro, but I couldn't pull that every time an Exile song came up. The acoustic set was very much the same problem. I just consider them 4 extra discs to this set.

  23. Thanks for letting me know about that disc 2 issue. I have a new one uploading now.

  24. Big thanks for the updates on these downloads.

    The service around here = top-notch

  25. Chickencrab, first of all, a big THANKS! great work: the selection is solid, the mixing and editing tip top. Great product man, 2 thumbs up.

    Can i just point out i had trouble extracting the "corrupted mp3 files" download from rar once again. all the files in that packet failed to extract, much like each individually did when downloaded with each individual disc. Could it be the files themselves?

    just a heads up

  26. Thanks Matt. It's not the files because they're all fine here on my computer. Something's going wrong on upload. Maybe my wireless hub is shot. I have no idea what's up. I think I'm going to ask someone else to upload them for me and see if that helps out. This is kind of silly and getting frustrating. I've never had problems like this before.

  27. Disc 7 isn't downloading for me for some reason.

  28. Any possibility of a torrent for the mp3 and flac files? I am having an issue getting disc 10 and 6 from the Media Fire servers. I would be happy to host the files for ever on my server.

  29. All the MP3s were loaded in an new post as individual tracks here:

  30. Just want to say I've been enjoying these CDs. Great selections and great jams. Nice work! Thanks!!

  31. I agree with HippieFee on the idea of someone uploading a torrent of this.

    For whatever reason I am having issues downloading these from mediafire.