Friday, May 14, 2010

What's One More Balloon On The Ground?

As we rapidly approach the beginning of Phish's 2010 summer tour many of us will begin to make last minute preparations. Some of us are planning our routes and trying to get last minute hotel rooms and camping spots. Others are making lists of supplies of things to bring along. As you tweak your summer tour plans, please consider, if you will, bringing along one extra item.

Trash bags.

It may sound like a very odd request, but it should be part of your cargo every time. Why? What's one more beer bottle? I mean...I put it at the corner of my parking spot. Isn't that enough? What's one more balloon on the ground? There are several others what...someone will pick them up...right? 

If that's your argument, then you have probably already stopped reading. We, as a fanbase, are more than just dirty hippies. I suggest we take a little pride in ourselves, and not just assume that the Green Crew will clean up after us. After you fish-out on the ground, put the balloon in your pocket. When you are done with your beer, stuff the Silo cups in the trash bags you brought. It is entirely possible to be somewhat responsible for yourself and cut loose at the same time.

And someone might just be inspired and ask you for a trash bag. That's why I bring an entire roll of them.


  1. im an optimist and believe that everyone can do their part. however i'm too big a pessimist to believe that ballon-heads will give a shit. not much sense going on when you're sucking those down anyway.

    i hope this reaches the masses and inspires a few.

  2. Before the Green Crew, and what just might have inspired those crazy red heads, I was passing out trashbags and encouraging others to help me clean up the absolutely, digustingly trashed lawn at Wolf Trap. I KNEW that I wanted Phish to come back and play at such amazing venues as WT, and also know my phellow phans wouldn't think twice, so I brought a roll with me and handed them out. LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS (and maybe your mind), PHRIENDS!