Friday, November 25, 2011

Jiggs / Phro NYE Poster

In collaboration with Phro at Taboot Art, I am pleased to announce my first foray into Phish fan posters. Based on a solid concept from my good friend Phro, I created this poster around his cuckoo clock theme. This one had a great deal of back and forth until we hammered out the final image. I can easily say this is the most work I have put into a design before. The final image ended up turning out great.

The poster will be a 10 x 18 size, and at the time of this pre-order post, should be at least 8 colors (the colors represented here will be as close as possible, but as with any printing process, there will be some room for adjustment). The design will be screen printed on 100 stock water color paper. The posters will be shipped via  a Uline poster tube, wrapped in artists paper, and will go out Priority Mail.

There will only be 200 of this run.

Please send $35 for each poster you would like (poster price and shipping) to with JIGGS/PHRO NYE POSTER in the subject, or email him directly at the email address listed.


  1. Awesome Work Jiggs
    Great job

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