Monday, November 7, 2011

YEMSG Shirts! (Pre-order)

This creation of Jiggs and PhanArt started out as a sticker, then a pin. Now the iconic YEMSG design is available on shirts, both short and long sleeve as well as Hoodies for the fall. This design was inspired by the YEM from 12/4/09 and is available for pre-order. ALL pre-orders will receive free shipping, a YEMSG sticker and a NYEMSG 2011-12 sticker with each purchase.

All sizes of shirts and hoodies are available. This pre-order will stay open until 11/23.
Please email for questions.

The print for the shirts and hoodies will be a special 2-color (Black/Blue) on one screen graphic. The designs will be printed on Sport Grey. This ensures that every shirt becomes a one of a kind garment, as no two prints will be exactly the same.

Pre-order has ended

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