Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maze Pins!

Introducing the limited edition Maze Slider. Inspired from the Maze/Pac Man themed shirts I have printed in the past, the design has been re-imagined for a pin. These are produced in a limited edition of 100. Each pin is double posted, logo stamped, and numbered from 1-100. The base is 1.25" and the slider pin itself is .5". The pins are $15 plus shipping. Pins begin shipping out on Monday.

Get yours HERE!

Update: I was contacted by a sticker maker that intended on making this into a pin. I have agreed to send that group a large amount of these pins to sell or give away, and these, as well as any variation on the Maze/PacMan theme will be discontinued. The 50(less what has sold today) that are posted will be all I will offer for sale. It is never my intention to take someone else's idea, and in the past there have been ideas that were similar to others. These vendors feel that the design was taken directly from them. This is my way of apologizing and trying to make things right.

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