Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bader Field Poster Process

As Summer Tour grows closer and closer, and the posters get closer to being finished, I would like to share some of the process with you, as was done for the NYE 2011 poster.

The art for the Bader Field print has been revealed, and the process has begun. Keep checking back to monitor our progress. The printing is in the capable hands of The Print Monkey, and I will post regular updates here as I get them...won't be long now!

Here's the plane after the second or third sketch.

Here's when the clouds started taking shape.

The three on the left are the Bader colors.

Keep 'em separated...

The paper is cut and ready.
Ready for some orange.
Ink colors under artificial light.
Orange going down.
Downside up.

Lots and lots of seaplanes.

Ready for framing!


  1. YAY .So excited to see these

  2. Great job! Can't wait to get one in person; volunteering Tube show.