Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bader Field Recon

Thanks so much to Barbara for providing these early reconnaissance photos of the Bader Field concert site. This is how everything looks as of Wednesday, May 23rd. And, because she is most awesome, she provided a few key pieces of advice you might want to heed.

"Get there on Thursday night if possible. Traffic is going to be a cluster fuck.  The venue is in the heart of AC it is not the [best] area either...If you are taking a cab, I suggest to pre-order or hire a limo. ( Check out the schedules here for "Jitney" ) Carpool!!!!   It seems there is little to no parking surrounding the area.

"Park at the Tropicana. It seems to be the closest casino. I had problems finding the Bader Field lot.  Remember to wear good shoes. There is going to be a lot of walking. The place is gigantic.

"Stock up!  There is one gas station within a block of Bader.  Cigarettes are $9 a pack in NJ and supermarkets are kinda hard to come by. You will want to fill up on gas before getting into AC as well Once you hit the city anything and everything's price is jacked.  Stock up on treats, booze and  beer before you arrive.   Be safe [and smart]... if it's valuable to you, don't bring it. I think fans might believe this is a Boardwalk Hall do over.  It's quite different.

"Again...the place overall is HUGE!   Prepare for epic sunsets and a big stage!  Be safe, familiarize your self with area. Lots of loops and turns in Jersey     :)  Hope this helps!"
Thanks again for the tips and the pictures, Barbara! You are awesome!

These are some good aerial photos that include the surrounding area.

Also....the The South Jersey Transportation Authority (Jitney) will be providing a Park & Ride for the Phish Concert (6/15 - 6/17) and the Metallica Concert (6/23 & 6/24) being held at Atlantic City's Bader Field from the following parking locations:

The Atlantic City Expressway Intercept Lot located at Milepost 4 (Eastbound) & Milepost 3.5 (Westbound) on the Atlantic City Expressway. The Fairmount Avenue Parking Lot located on the corners of Fairmount & Mississippi Avenues and the Atlantic Avenue Parking Lot located on the corners of Missouri & Atlantic Avenues. The cost of parking and the shuttle is $20 per vehicle. Shuttles will run continuously from 9am - 2am. There are no accommodations for oversized vehicles.


  1. The venue is not in the heart of AC. It's on the boarder of the mainland. and the crime in Chelsea Heights is pretty minimal. It's safer than the rest of the city.