Monday, July 28, 2014

Alpharetta Poster 2014

Finished artwork.
The last in the summer toy series is Alpharetta. The paper colors I have chosen were inspired by the records that were included with this toy. Seems like everyone had one of these at some point, or at least someone you knew had one.

This Pop Tone paper color is called "Limeaid". It's 100lb paper stock and like the others, will have a hand deckled bottom edge. 12" 1/2 by 18". This is just a rough estimation of the colors, as the ink will change a bit once it hits the paper.

Since these are printing this week, I will not have time for online sales prior to the show. Progress photos will be added as I go, so check back often. I am shooting for a run of at least 40.

Finished center illustration

Burning the screens.
Completed Yellow layer
Loading a screen with Red
Completed Red layer
Finished poster.

 This run went as well as the Oak mountain run did. I was able to get 50 prints made. I won't have time to put these online before the weekend, so they will only be available in the Alpharetta lot, though I will probably have a few of these with me in Alabama, too.

Anything left after Georgia will go back in the store next week (including shirt links for those who have been asking).


  1. Once you get your drawing for your poster how long does it take to get it made?

    1. Once the drawings are done, everything else can take a couple of weeks, depending on a lot of factors. I don't have a darkroom, so burning the screens for example, has to be done in the evening. A smooth run with no problems at all can take a few evenings to finish.