Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pelham Poster 2014

Next in the toy series is Pelham. I always love seeing Phish in places I have never been. The Pelham illustration features four notes for the four band members, and the xylophone represents the opening notes to Divided Sky.

Drawing again from the Pop Tone paper line, this one is called "Orange Fizz". It 100lb paper stock and like the others, will have a hand deckled bottom edge. 12" 1/2 by 18". This is just a rough estimation of the colors, as the paper is a bit warmer.

Progress photos will be added as I go, so check back often. I am shooting for a run of at least 40.

inking the center illustration
The paper looks like a big hunk of cheddar.
Burning the midnight screens.
Ready for taping.
These should get me through.
Yellow going down.
Red added.
Finished poster.

I couldn't be any happier with this particular run. I ended up with a full run of 50 posters, and 5 A/Ps for the run. I will have a handful of these with me in Charlotte this weekend. Then I will put a few online prior to the show next week, time permitting.

Grab one here.

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