Friday, July 18, 2014

Charlotte Poster 2014

This year's posters will have a 'Toys' theme. They will all be done in a similar 4 color screen print advertising style. The posters will be 12 1/2 inches by about 18 or 17 inches since the bottom edge will be hand deckled. I will be using the Pop-Tone line provided by French Paper Company. The paper is 100 lb cover stock and the colors are reminiscent of the toys that are featured in the illustrations. I am pretty excited about this series as I will be printing these myself. It's amazing to see what you intended change a bit as the ink hits the paper.

First up is Charlotte. This one is very close to being printed, so this post will be getting photo updates of the process. The other two posters on deck are Pelham and Alpharetta. I will start different progress posts when those are ready to print. I am planning runs of 50 for each print, but that number may go down some. It doesn't look like I will have time to offer the Charlotte run prior to the show, but I will if I am able to.

Stay tuned for more updates...

Paper is here and deckling is done.
Separations are done.

Finished poster.

The run ended up being 35. The border gave a lot of interesting distressing variations. Though the yellow isn't as bright as I hoped, the run ended up going pretty well.

These will be available online for a few days, and anything left will be with me in Charlotte.
These are $23.50 shipped. Grab one here.

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