Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hartford Whalecallers

Thanks to Animal Chin from for inspiring this idea.

This was originally a joke...but if have an interest in one, leave a comment. If we can get 15 or so, then I will put up a pre-order link and get these made.

Edit: So because of popular demand I am putting up pre-orders for these. If you want one, put in for it now. Pre Orders will close in about a week. No more will be made of this run. The shirts will be blue(the color is called 'metro blue'), and the image will be a 3 color design on the front with the blue shirt color showing through as the whale's tale The first paypal link is for S-XXL Men's and Ladies sizes, the second is for 3X sizes if those are needed. I am only making as many as are ordered, then this run will close. Keep in mind it may be a couple of weeks once the pre orders close. I will keep everyone posted where the shirts are.

12:10AM 6/23/10 - The Paypal links have been removed. The order period for this shirt has ended.
The art is currently going to film and the shirts will be ordered next week. Follow Jiggs on Twitter for periodic updates on production.


  1. Lol...was really a joke, but I suppose I could make a few if there was enough interest.

  2. Just ordered!!! Can't of your best yet. :)

  3. Wherein the old Whaler jersey 2 night if it isn't 90!

  4. I want one of these, now

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  6. I have sent over the final art and it is being put to film.

  7. Jiggs,

    Stalldaworld From PT

    I expressed interest in getting a hold of this shrit back when you orriganally posted the design on PT. Looks like i missed the order period due to not knowing about your blog.

    Anyway i could get my hands on one of these?


  8. I only made what was ordered. I plan on doing an auction for Mockingbird foundation, they may be available sometime after that. Watch the blog for details.

  9. Interested if you still have any left. Hilarious shirt. Contact me at