Saturday, June 19, 2010

Phish Mad Libs for Fluffers

Recently I attended the Phish show at ___________ (venue name). I love seeing the band for many___________ (short units of time) on end, and I would be willing to sell my  _________ (body part) to attend a show at ____________(smallest venue on tour). This particular night was no different as this was a huge __________ (exclamation) show. In fact, I think this may have been the performance of the _________ (long unit of time). I really couldn’t believe how much I loved it. From the opening notes of ________ (2009 Leg 1 opener) to the ending notes of (Regular Rotation song) it gave me chills. There were no less than _______ (3 digit number) tension and release moments, and while I clearly knew I was on Earth, I felt the ________ (Alien Spacecraft) take us away. They never do the ___________ (expletive) jam the same way twice. They also had the balls to cover ______ (98 or 2010 cover song). I love the way they play it _____(adjective)! I am one of their _______ (adjective) fans.

I am actually considering trading all my  _________ (noun) for tickets, but I have responsibilities. I hope that I can get close enough to Trey to explain how __________ (adverb) he makes me feel when he is playing. I feel like this was the best ________ (expletive) show I have ever seen. I hope to see some more ________(Mystic/Star Wars reference) sounds coming out of his guitar. I am quite sure I speak for everyone when I say the band is ___________ (adverb) taking us to new heights.

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