Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pre-Show Music

For as long as I can remember I have avoided listening to the band the day I am going to see them. Of course, that sometimes meant several days at a time. I just can't see, even as much as I love it, listening to that much Phish in a single day.

Another reason, and the one I identify with the most, is living in the moment. Maybe this is the reason that some find fault easily and are not willing to suspend themselves in the moment. Once I can remember being in the lot and hearing 3 or 4 versions of Possum all at different points of the song. Often I have heard the show from the night before. When I say live in the moment I'm not talking about being content with a Coventry Glide. But song by song, minute to minute set list analysis has never been what I am about.

Not listening to Phish the day of a show allows the anticipation to build up. The 'what may be' makes me practically giddy with excitment. Granted, I may be following the tour up to the leg I will be seeing. So, there's a chance I can make a few predictions about the shows I'll see. But, at the point I am heading to the shows, I will disconnect and be ready to hear the shows with an open mind. Though I do keep some Phish in the library for the ride back.

That being said....what are some of your favorite non-Phish listening selections in the lot?


  1. Talking heads always does the trick

  2. Bob Marley live in concert.

  3. We Listened to Zeppelin last summer .

    I like a bit of chill ..all mentioned above are great ...I do like to listen to some Herbie Hancock and the headhunters pre show too