Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quitting Phish

You've all heard it. It may have come from a friend close to you or posted as a thread title. "I just can't do this anymore." These folks just can't spend another dime on a band that doesn't play exactly the way their bootlegs from 20 years ago sound. They just can't afford to do all 15 or 20 shows because the dates are too far apart, or the tour route is too complex.

When you think about it...it's usually a valid argument. The other responsibilities that have cropped up in the time between now and when you were 20 have become your life. Things like marriage and children take precedent over acquiring tickets to an entire summer's run. However, I still just can't identify with these kinds of statements. Maybe I was never savvy enough to fund my tours through vending early on, or never irresponsible enough to walk out of a job based on the heady tour schedule in the Schvice.

I never wondered if it made me less of a fan to only try for a few shows in a summer, or skip a run or two to be able to afford to hit Big Cypress. It's just something I have always been able to balance. I either can or can't do it. Of course I wish that I had the resources then that I have access to now. Sure. Who wouldn't? Maybe planning and moderation have allowed me to not become fully jaded to the experience.

So, to those who are quitting, I say thank you.

I respect you for realizing that this is not where you want to be this summer, or in life. So it goes. I, however, will continue to save money when I can, and prepare and plan by taking days off of work. I will still plan and try to see runs of shows that are near us. I will go to the shows we can afford to. Maybe it will continue to be easier to buy tickets.


  1. good riddance i say. These "super jaded fans" make me beyond ill and their negative vibes have no place on tour or on the net in 2010. There was so many times last year that i had to defend how awesome the shows i saw were to dumbasses who wern't even there, but claimed to know what was up. Knoxville was a sick show. I don't care who you are or when you first started seeing phish. Knoxville kicked ass. Yet, some clown on the internet was quick to shoot me down. "Don't let the experience of being there cloud your judgement" the clown said. My reply: "Don't let the experience of not being there cloud your judgement." While he was at home crying we were all living life and having fun again with the band we love. A gaping hole in our lives was filled again, yet the clowns continue to talk their shit.

    After the miami shows, i now laugh at these clowns. They really look like the jack asses they really are. Good riddance i say. They won't be missed. Their loss.

  2. I saw the same thing during my GD days (1985-1995). Clearly if you listen to anything from 1973-74, it dwarfs all other eras as far as I am concerned (even that overrated '77), and if you get stuck trying to compare, it's shear folly.

    Phish may not be as 'on' as they were in '94, but there are plenty of great moments to be heard and had. My friends and I always said before attending a show "You get out what you bring in", and for those not attending - they aint bringing nothin'

  3. i second the notion that knox was sick

  4. Greetings kind readers!
    I too had similar Grateful Dead experiences from 1980 to 1995 and with Phish from 1992 through present. The music can change as did the band members; and so does the audience but the one thing remains...it is what you bring to the show and how it makes you feel. Different times bring differnt things but the music never stops! Peace

  5. I've been going since 93. It blew me away then and it blows me away today. This band grows and changes over time and this is a good thing.

    To those who are "quitting". See ya! Me, I've got a job, mortgage, wife, kids, etc.. I NEED THIS LOL!

    Go when you can and enjoy.

  6. Big difference between Phish and GD (and I was on board GD train from 83-95 (and many, many years after through tapes) is that GD coasted for far too long at the end. Just how many Other One->Wharf Rat->Throwin->NFAs did we need to suffer through in the later years? Phish by comparison, appears to be rededicated to the music and making it as good as it can be. Can't ask for more than that.

  7. I chuckled through all these comments - relating on various levels (Dead 89 - 95) and Phish 90 - ?, I guess it is true what they say - Phishheads are your lawyers, doctors, and kids' teachers. No need anymore to be in the closet. You can be a responsible, contributing member of society with a job. mortgage, and family and still dance just as hard (if not harder) than some teenager. You get out what you put in.

  8. more room to dance...... but yeah, i see where some people come from with this

  9. As a jaded vet I'd like to agree that Knoxville was one of the best phish shows of 2009.

    Fuck the haters

  10. This is a screwy argument - By all means you should go to as many Phish concerts as you want. But the 'badge of honor' mentality has no significance in the greater world. Why should you care how many shows I do or don't go to? (Not that I have but,) why should I have to explain why I don't want to go to more shows? I'm not a hater, I just have other things to do with my time, and seeing the same band for the Nth time doesn't rank up there. Thank god for downloads...


  11. "seeing the same band for the nth time dosen't rank up there..." LOLZ @ you! LAME!!! You just don't get it do you? It's quite odd that a lot of people can see this ban nth amount of times and still get off on it. That's the point.

    your the one who needs to chill. "Thanks god for downloads" - LAME!!! We are sorry you've turned so lame in your old age. lolz

    I'm sure you've got your reasons, but spare us the guilt trip. Your obviously lame.

  12. Believe it or not, Phish has been around for a long time. They date their origins back to 1983. This is an incredible amount of time that they’ve been around and best of all, they are still cranking out the hits and they’ve had very little turnover in band members.