Thursday, September 29, 2011

New - Tube Pins!

A pin version of the 2009 Shirt that sold during and after the Hampton Run. There will only be 100 made. These are double posted, stamped and numbered between 1-100.

Click here to get yours!

Monday, September 19, 2011

2.0 Sand Spinner Pins

10 minute Tube Designs are at it again! This is the updated version to the now sold out Sand Spinner Pin, with glitter sand added. (See it spin!) The art was a Jiggs/10 Minute Tube collaboration. Pins are $18 + $2 to ship. Remember, I am not stocking the pins up here, but I am hosting the PayPal link for 10 Minute Tube.

-Measures 1 1/4" (base) and the spinner is 1"
-2 prong back
-hourglass is MOVEABLE and SPINS!
-hourglass has a few cutouts, so you can see more of the background
Please contact for more information, or to purchase, visit their site here:

UIC Phan Badge For Mockingbird

Auction time again! This time is the Jiggs/PhanArt Phan badge for UIC. To my knowledge these are sold out, and sold out fast, according to PhanArt himself who had these phan badges available in the UIC lots.

If you didn't get a chance to get one then, this may be your last chance. Here's how it works. Place a bid in the comments section below. Please either sign in or provide a way for me to reach you. Anonymous bids will not be recognized. The bidding ends Wednesday September 21st at 6:00PM EST. If the winning bidder is not available, I will move to the next closest bid.

The winning bidder will transfer the funds to me via paypal, and I will donate to the Mockingbird Foundation directly, rather than involving eBay, or another service that would take a fee.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who bid. These Blog-Auctions are really seeing some success. The winning bidder was wookiepatch with a bid of $30 sixty seconds before the auction ended. (see comment section). Nice going! The patch and a couple of surprises for the winner will be sent out tomorrow. The donation will be made to Mockingbird tonight.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Reba Alliance Pre-Order

Missed the Reba run this year? No worries! Pre-order yours here! This is a one color screen print on a sport grey garment. The original run was back in April of 2010, and is detailed in a post here.

For those that have never ordered from me before, please read carefully: This is a pre-order. You will not get your garment in 3 days. You will get your garment roughly 10 days after the pre-order closes. The pre-order closes on Sunday, September 25th. If you want your garment before then, or you cannot wait, please do not order one.

All garments have a 90/10 cotton blend, except hoodies which are a 50/50. The men's shirts are Sport Grey Gildans (2000), the long sleeves are Sport Grey Gildans (2400), the ladies shirts are Gildan Ladies softspun (64000L), and the hoodies (first time available in this design) are Gildan 7.75 oz. Hooded Sweats (18500). Links have been provided to the appropriate sizing charts. Please do not ask me how things "run"...please refer to the sizing charts for info as everyone likes their sizing a bit different.

Pre-Order for this run has ended.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pin Set Auction For Waterwheel

I am putting up a 3 pin set for auction for the Waterwheel Foundation in order to make a contribution to Vermont Flood relief. The difference, is that I won't go through eBay, or other sites. We will do the bidding right in the comments section. Featured are the 3 pins I have made up to this point, The Reba Alliance (currently sold out), the Whalecaller, and the Ghost pin.

The opening bid will be 10 dollars. At 10 dollars a pin, the set is easily worth $30 dollars. Bidding ends when the show begins on Wednesday. The winner should PayPal the winning bid to me, and send me and email with their name and address so that I can mail the pins out. I will transfer the funds directly to Waterwheel, so there are no eBay fees. If for some reason the winning bidder does not respond, then the next highest bid wins.

UPDATE: I am very happy to announce that the Pin Set Auction has raised $40 for the Waterwheel Foundation. Thanks very much to everyone who bid. Congrats to Reality Tour user Slab for the winning $40 dollar bid. Slab's pin get mailed out tomorrow, and the Waterwheel donation gets made tonight.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pin Sale!

If you didn't get a chance to grab a pin from me at Dick's, I am putting up most of the remaining stock up for sale at a discount. Both the Whalecaller and the Ghost pin are available for $8 plus $2 to ship. You can order as many as you like and the shipping stays at $2.

There are only 15 of each available.

Ghost Pin - sale pins are sold out

Whalecaller Pin - sale pins are sold out