Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Sale!

All of the Tube shirts are on sale today! Short sleeves are $10 shipped, and long sleeves are $12 shipped, only what is posted is what remains. The design is a 3 color front print, with one color on the back, on a blue 100% cotton Gildan shirt.

sold out.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Certified Fail

It's no secret that I tweak a bit when I am expecting mail, packages, or tickets. (Shirts and pins? Fuggetaboutit...I'm a wreck.) And, most of the time, things work out exactly as they are supposed to. The rest of the time things happen like they did today. Since my "I got shut out of lottery" story is extremely similar to everyone else's, I will skip forward to getting my ticket mailed to me by a really cool, super-awesome person who saw fit to sell me my NYE for face.

So the ticket arrived in her mailbox. She even took a picture and emailed it to me. See? You're in! Sweet. Tracking numbers were given for certified mail, she dropped the ticket off at the Post Office, and the wait was on. While we are waiting, here's a little information about certified mail:
This is one of two forms the receiver must sign
"Certified Mail: Find out when your item was delivered or delivery was attempted. Requires the signature of the recipient." -
After a few days I tracked the ticket and it said it was going to arrive today! (A Festivus Miracle!) The mail truck made it's way slowly up my street. I make eye contact with the mail carrier, as she drops off the mail. I wave and head out there. Wait...the truck keeps going. OK. I have been here before. The posters arrived 2 days later than the delivery confirmation predicted, too. This is the Holidays. What obviously happened is the ticket never made it out of the Post Office, right?

These mailboxes also do not have tickets in them.
Well, it was 3:30pm, so all I had to do was drive down to the Post Office and give them my address, and the tracking. I could sign for it there. Only, the Post Office didn't have it. On the off chance that my mail carrier just missed it and left it there, they looked again. No letter. No ticket. Keep in mind that there's a scan this morning that said "Arrived at Unit" 8:32am. So, somewhere in between getting there and getting to the truck it vanished. All of this was based on the logic of paying for the ticket to arrive via Certified Mail.

New plan: Come back at right before 5pm when they close and see if it maybe it was on the truck.

So, I drive back to the Post Office this evening at about 4:45pm and my carrier was back. They attempted to find the letter once again. This time there were a few more people that got involved. I was eerily calm, but visibly worried. A woman had just had it out another clerk because she wasn't getting her mail (I secretly wondered if she lived on my street). Wait calmly. It was here. Nothing to worry about. Only it wasn't there. The carrier came out and joined the conversation at that point. After a call to my house and being reassured that I wasn't crazy, she suggested maybe it ended up in another mailbox. All I can manage to ask during the whole thing was "So, what's my next step?".

Not actual size
With zero recourse, and the carrier's manifest showing the ticket signed for, I was out a ticket and.......Wait....wait, wait, wait...I stared right at the manifest in her hand. As they all chattered away, it hit me. I never signed for anything and there was a signature...and she knew it. So, right in front of me, the carrier got permission to go back out...basically she followed me back to my street and proceeded to check every mailbox on the road leading up to mine.

When she pulled up to the house, she said it was in the mailbox next door to mine. As I type this I am still not sure where it actually was, but all that matters now is that it's here. I guess what I am saying is that if Jonathan Frakes shows up at Madison Square Garden on NYE with a trombone I will be neither surprised nor upset.

See you in New York!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Blog Auction for Waterwheel

I have one zippered Ghost hoodie left, and I would like to auction it off for the Waterwheel Foundation to benefit Vermont in their flood recovery efforts. The garment is a Gildan 9.3 oz., 50% cotton/50% polyester preshrunk fleece full zip hooded sweatshirt (YKK metal zipper). The color is sport grey, and the size is XL. At this moment, there are only 4 made, with plans for only a few more. You would own a very limited edition sweatshirt.

We're going to keep things very simple and keep the auction here on this blog, rather than pay a fee through another auction service. Please either sign into your Google account, or provide us with an email address when you post your bid in the comments section below.

The auction will run until tomorrow evening (12/20/11) at 6pm EST. This should give me a chance to put it in the mail Priority on Wednesday (12/21/11) for you to receive this before Christmas. (Please understand I cannot guarantee that USPS will deliver this by the 24th). The winner should be ready to PayPal the winning amount to me when the auction has ended. I will transfer the donation directly to the Waterwheel Foundation.

Bid in the comments section below. Let's make the starting bid $40.


Thanks to auction winner , a donation of $50 was just made to . !!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Zippered Ghost Hoodies

We won't be printing a big run of Ghosts next year. In fact, the design may be retired for quite a while. Since I wanted to go out with a bang, I'd like to introduce a short run of zippered Ghost hoodies. I normally don't use zippered hoodies, as it can be difficult to get a good print to split up across the front, and there's the challenge of creating a pocket sized print for the front.

Front Left Pocket
So I created a special front print of the Ghost, and reworked the text. There will only be three of these available. Two are up for sale here, and the third will be auctioned here at the blog to benefit the Waterwheel Foundation.

If there are any reprints of this, they will not be publicly available, so this is your chance!

The garments are Gildan 9.3 oz., 50% cotton/50% polyester preshrunk fleece full zip hooded sweatshirts. Not too heavy, not too light. The sizes are XL and XXL.

I have set the shipping charge to 10.50, the exact cost of a Medium Priority Box, so that these will ship Priority on Monday and arrive before Christmas. (more pictures below!) The shipping charge includes delivery confirmation.

Sold Out - Check out the Auction For WaterWheel!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The NYE 2011 Cuckoo Pin

We are very happy to introduce the NYE 2011 Cuckoo Pin. These LE pins feature the cuckoo clock from the NYE poster. The run is limited to 100 pieces. The 2" high pin features 8 colors on soft enamel, allowing the details to pop out. The clock face has the numbers 28,29,30 and 31 in roman numerals, and the years 2011, and 2012 appear above the clock face. Also, the clock-work band on the little stage is playing some very familiar instruments. they are also numbered 1-100.

Jiggs Lot will only have less than half of this run available for sale online. Phro will have the rest in Denver and in NYC.

Get yours here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NYE Poster Printing Progress

Here are some new photos from Phro today during the printing of the NYE poster. Keep checking back for new updates!

The first color is on.


Color number three.

And ladies...he's single.
Color number four.

More number 4.
The image begins to come together.
Almost there.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Maze/Tube Pin sale

The last 5 Maze pins sold will include a FREE Tube pin! This deal is only available on the Maze pins through the link below. That's 2 pins for 15 + 2 to ship it. When they are gone, they are gone! These are the last 5 Mazes I will offer for sale.

This offer has sold out. there are no more Maze pins for sale.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Last of the My Friend shirts!

Here's your chance! The last of the My Friend shirts for awhile! What's left are long and short sleeve size XL. Get 'em while they last! The design is a 3 color front design, and a one color back. The shirts are 100% cotton pre-shrunk Gildan (6.1 oz. cotton). These are in stock and ready to ship immediately.

Sold Out.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Valued Ticketmaster Customer

Dear Valued Ticketmaster Customer,

As you know, we have fucked your ass for years and years. If counted individually, our profit per person on ticket fees would easily reach into the thousands. Literally...we're not kidding. You have sent some of our kids to college. We actually can't believe we have been able to get away with the ridiculous fees that we charge you for as long as we have. Handling fees? You know we don't even actually touch the tickets anymore, right? We are charging you now for your own printer ink! But we digress...this email isn't about us, it's about you.

It's about our commitment to keep fucking you up the ass for as long as we can. After years and years of raping you, we thought we'd try our hand at the scalping game too! After all, we have a lot of kids to feed, here, so, secondary ticket markets are our bitch too. We want to make sure that we get all of your money. We'll make you feel better about the whole thing by telling you that there is nothing we can really do about it. Well, not because we can't. It's because we don't want to. You see, money is awesome!

Now that this class action lawsuit is underway, we expect that you'll be wanting some of that money back. We understand. After scamming thousands of dollars from you over decades of shady business practices, we think you deserve 20 bucks.

Here. You've earned it. We suggest you apply it to the fees that we will continue to charge you.

Fuck you.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NYE Poster Progress

Phro sent over a couple of pictures of the work coming together for the NYE poster. The supplies are ready and the ink is being mixed. Stay tuned for further progress!

Ready to go.

Films printed.
Tick tock.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maze Pins!

Introducing the limited edition Maze Slider. Inspired from the Maze/Pac Man themed shirts I have printed in the past, the design has been re-imagined for a pin. These are produced in a limited edition of 100. Each pin is double posted, logo stamped, and numbered from 1-100. The base is 1.25" and the slider pin itself is .5". The pins are $15 plus shipping. Pins begin shipping out on Monday.

Get yours HERE!

Update: I was contacted by a sticker maker that intended on making this into a pin. I have agreed to send that group a large amount of these pins to sell or give away, and these, as well as any variation on the Maze/PacMan theme will be discontinued. The 50(less what has sold today) that are posted will be all I will offer for sale. It is never my intention to take someone else's idea, and in the past there have been ideas that were similar to others. These vendors feel that the design was taken directly from them. This is my way of apologizing and trying to make things right.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tube Pin Sale!

For a limited time I have Tube pins for 7 dollars shipped. Not a typo! There are only 15 pins available at this price. Stupendous!

These are cloisonne style, 1.25 inch, 2 color on polished silver. They are double posted and stamped with my logo. The pins are also numbered 1-100. Request a number in the field below and I will try to get as close as possible.

7 bucks shipped!!!

Sale has ended

New Ghost Pre-Order!

Ice Grey
Sport Grey
There will be one last minute pre-order for 2011. Starting today, and running through this Sunday, December 4th, the Ghost shirt is being re-run. This is a 3 color front, 1 color back design on ice grey for the short sleeve mens, and sport grey for the other sizes. The back of the shirt reads "I'd Call Him Instead"

Short Sleeves are 100% cotton in Ice Grey (style 2000). Long sleeves (2400), and ladies (64000L) are a 90/10 cotton and in Sport Grey. The hoodies (18500) are a 50/50 blend and in Sport Grey.

The orders will only be open until December 4th at 12 noon EST, then the design goes back on the shelf. Only what is ordered will be printed. Orders begin shipping roughly 10 days after the pre-order ends.

Orders are closed.