Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tube Shirt Update

Taboot Art was kind enough to send over these pictures of the Tube shirts getting printed. They are almost here! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


You Enjoy Madison Square Garden! We are pleased to announce the release of the first Jiggs / PhanArt pin collaboration.

These cloisonne style pins are being released in a limited number of 100 pins. The pins are numbered from 1-100. If you are a collector, pins 1-50 are available here at Jiggs Lot, and pins 51-100 are available over at PhanArt.

Jiggs Lot is SOLD OUT

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tube Shirts!

Shirt color is Indigo Blue
Originally sold on the lot during the Hampton 2009 run, the first version of this shirt was a 2 color print on white. I have had a lot of folks ask about these over the last couple of years. I never got the chance to get back around to them...until now. I am extremely pleased to announce another run of Tube shirts.

I am changing it up a little bit on this one...the new run will feature a 3 color print on Gildan indigo blue garments (Ladies sizes will substitute sky blue). This design is also available for the first time on long sleeves and hoodies...just in time! So, for those of you that aren't pin-people, get the shirt version ordered today!

Pre-Order has ended for this shirt.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tube Pin Twitter Giveaway!

Time for another Jiggs Lot giveaway. This time the prize is a Tube pin. If you have never participated before, it's pretty easy. All you have to do is tweet the message below exactly as is, and then be available to respond with your information when the winner is selected. If no response is received, I will move on to a new winner. The winner will be randomly chosen among all the tweets Friday October 7th at 4pm EST.

Here's the message:
Check out the new Tube pins by @jiggslikesphish

Make sure you copy the entire message in bold to qualify for the giveaway. The pin number will also be selected at random. Thanks for playing, and good luck!

UPDATE: The winner is @WolfmansNephew! Thanks very much to everyone for playing...until the next giveaway! NEW UPDATE: @WolfmansNephew never responded. The new winner drawn was @steppedintofrzr. Congrats!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tweezer Madness 2.0

Short Sleeve on Cardinal Red
Redesigned for 2011...Tweezer Madness returns. Reserve your limited edition shirt.

The short sleeve mens are Gildan (Style 2000) 100% cotton, in Cardinal Red. Ladies are a junior sized, slim cut ladies Gildan 90/10 blend in Heather maroon (Style 64000L). Long sleeves are a 100% cotton Gildan (Style 2400) in Cardinal Red, and the hoodies are a 50/50 blend Gildan front pocketed hoodie (Style 18500) in Maroon. Please Google the style numbers for current sizing charts if you have any sizing questions. Tall sizes may have substitute colors.

Click to Enlarge
Please note: This is a pre-order. I will only print what is ordered. The order period will run until Sunday October 9th at 8:00pm EST. Garments should be available approximately 10 days after the pre-order ends. Please do not expect your garments before this time. 

Pre-order has ended.
Get the Sticker HERE.