Saturday, October 26, 2013

Atlantic City 2013 Poster Process

The Atlantic City run and PhanArt poster show is drawing near. So, time for another poster process post. We're pretty excited about this one. The mock up really doesn't do the colors justice. Like Hampton, this will be sized at 11 x 17. It will be a 5 color print, and instead of using reflective paper for the variant, we're doing it for the entire run of 100. The paper is "Gold Digital" and is represented here with the yellow color. The variant will be a special "sepia" print in a run of 30 on Biscuit colored paper. More on that one later.

The design centers around the prohibition era police truck, so I started that sketch first.

Next, of course was the venue itself. I love this building.

Then it was leaves and pumpkins for hours.

Sir Mix a Lot at The Print Monkey mixes and selects the right brown. Did I mention that some of these browns will be on the sepia variant?
Brown, baby.
5 colors of the main run against the paper stock. The orange is *almost* there.

The first two colors are down!

Third color...

Fourth color...

...and DONE!

Available at the PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition
You'll have to wait until the poster show to see the variant. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hampton one day only...

Many have expressed interest in these after the pre-sale closed. This is your last chance to have your 2013 Hampton poster shipped until after tour. Posters are shipped in a 3 inch, heavy Yazoo Mills tube, with craft paper, and delivery confirmation. All orders today will ship tomorrow.

The blueberry paper is a run of 100, and the silver paper variant is a run of 15. Both are a 4 color screen print. The paper is heavy 12 pt cover stock, and the paper size is 11" x 17". The variants will not be available in Hampton. I will be saving a few for the Atlantic City poster show.

Online sales have ended.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 Atlantic City Poster Art

Colors are approximate - 11 x 17
I thought I would show you the art for my 2013 Atlantic City poster. I decided to take a slightly more traditional approach with this one, except for the paper. This will be a 5 color print on metallic gold paper. The size will be 11 x 17, and this will be a nice heavy stock. This will be a run of 100. We are still working on the Hampton printing, so I will eventually release the specific paper and ink details closer to press time. The graphic above is an approximation of the final colors. Since the paper is difficult to photograph, I used a golden yellow to represent it here. The actual color will be a darker, sparkly uniform-gold color.

There are a couple of details representing the history of our favorite band, starting with the border. There are 30 individual leaves ( don't have to count them...) in the border and scattered around the image - representing 30 years of Phish. Boardwalk Hall reminds me of times long ago, so I went with a prohibition-era police truck. Instead of hauling away hootch, the cops are hauling away the past 7 Halloween "musical costumes" in the form of pumpkins.

Stay tuned for updates on this one. I can't promise there will be an online sale of these because I just don't know if there will be time to get them mailed out to you prior to the run. They will definitely be available in Atlantic City. At this time we have a special variant planned, and I will release those details later.