Friday, June 28, 2013

The Running of the Ghosts

They are back! And, just in time for tour too! I will start taking orders today and will be periodically ordering more blanks. So, please allow a couple of weeks for your shirt to arrive. It shouldn't take that long, but this is just in case there are any shortages with ordering certain sizes. The first set of shirts will be ordered on Monday (7/1/13).

As with the Tweezer run, the S - 2XL sizes will be on Gildan Softspun. For info and sizing charts please read this before you order. No refunds or exchanges. All the sizing info is there. Big and Tall, Hoodies, and Long Sleeve sizes are still printed on Gildan ULTRAS, and are provided on this initial run only (about a week). Only tees will be in stock after that. So, if you want a hoodie, long sleeve or ladies shirt, now is the time to order.

Orders for Long Sleeve, and Hoodies have closed....get your T shirt here.

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Word About No-Nos

What's a No-No? Simply put, a no-no is what pin maker's refer to as a copyrighted design. In the Phish fan-art community a no-no includes the Phish logo (or any form of it), the LivePhish logo, the word Phish itself, or likenesses of the band. This is pretty much the basic rule of making fan or "lot" art.

It's a pretty easy thing to do. However, since people want to sell things that say the word Phish on it to people who want to buy things with the word Phish on it...the trend continues. How many message board threads have you seen where people ask...'Hey can I get away with selling this??" Too many.

I think a great lot shirt or pin requires a bit of thought and execution. Anyone who has been doing this for a little while knows that there is a risk of the merch police confiscating your stuff. So, why not take the time to come up with an original concept? Dropping another word inside the Phish logo amounts to dropping a sports team inside a Steal Your Face. It's not original, and it's hardly a new concept. In fact, it's insulting. I will even go so far as to say it's hurting the rest of us. I have even seen a new trend of just blatantly using old Phish poster or sticker art. Really?

I have begun removing links from my store to any other site that uses these. If I have struck a chord with you and you disagree, feel free to unfollow or block me. At this point I don't care. What frustrates me the most is that I see talented people doing this. It's different if you are painting a piece of cardboard for a "Need Tickets" sign. These pins and shirts require investments of several hundred dollars at a time. You really aren't going to convince me that you are buying $400 worth of pins for heady trades.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Step into the Freezer Shirt!

Step into the Freezer!
Introducing the Step into the Freezer shirt! A re-imagined take on an old classic. I have been hashing out the best way to draw out this idea and thought a floor freezer was a good way to go. This was also my first attempt at a multi-color screen print.

The design is a 4 color front print (white, red, turquoise, and sienna), and a one color back on a Navy shirt.

Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold.
These orders will stay open until I have built up a little stock. Some of these garments will be ready right away, but please allow 2 weeks for your shirt to arrive, in case there are any issues with ordering these shirts as needed. This will be your chance to get Hoodies or Long Sleeves, as I do not keep these items stocked regularly. Hoodie and Long sleeve orders are closed.

I have listened to your feedback about the garments and I have decided to go all Gildan Softspun on the tees. Long sleeves will still be the same ones I have used, but the Gildan Softspun line combines the durability I need with a lighter and more comfortable fabric. 3X and talls will still be on the Ultras I have been using, so this change will not affect my big and tall people. I think you guys will be really happy with these. All sales are final. For sizing charts and info, check here before you order.

Order Here.