Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Twist Around - Again!

Twist Around shirts have returned for a limited time. Inspired by the county fair ride, these Twist shirts feature a 3 color front/3 color back design. The colors on the example are approximate. The spinning Tilt -a- Whirl car will be smaller and centered between the shoulder blades on the back of the shirt. Those familiar with our pre-order formula know we only print what is ordered. Previously offered for Summer 2011, there will now be options for Long Sleeve and Hoodies.

I will be using Gildan products on this run. Please Google search the following style numbers for any questions on sizing. Short Sleeves - 5000 (tall sizes are sport grey only), Long Sleeves - 2400, Ladies 64000L (soft fit), Hoodies - 18500. The color will be a light/sky blue.

Orders will close on Sunday October 7th. - Shirts will ship approximately 10 days after that.

Orders are closed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another Round of Kuroda Shirts

It's time again for another round of Kuroda shirts. This time, there will be a couple of new twists. There will be options for long sleeve as well as hoodies. And, similar to the pin version released earlier this year...there will also be four ink choices: The original green, purple, red and white.

Charcoal Gray with choice of 4 ink colors

These will be pre-order only. We will only print what is ordered. The order period will be open until Sunday, Sept 23rd. It will take approximately 10 days from that point to get your shirt(s). No special orders, please.

Please correct your address in PayPal before ordering. You will need to cancel and replace your order with a correct address. PayPal doesn't protect the shipper if I have to edit the address.

I will be using Gildan for these garments. Please Google these garment numbers (i.e Gildan 2400) for questions about sizing. Short Sleeve (2000), Long Sleeve (2400), Ladies (64000L), and Hoodies (18500). Sizes run from S to 3XL and XL Tall - 3XL Tall  (2000T). Tall sizes are available in Sport grey only. All garments are 100% preshrunk cotton, except for Hoodies (50/50 blend) and Talls (90/10 blend).

By ordering, you have read and agree to the above post. The shirts will not be shipped until approx. 10 days after orders close.
Don't forget to choose your ink color!

Orders are closed.