Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giraffic Light Pin

Introducing the Giraffic Light Pin. Inspired from my OKC 2012 poster, this is a limited edition run of 60 to match the run of posters. The pin a gold metal, soft enamel style pin and is approximately 1.5 inches high. The back is double posted, numbered from 1/60 and stamped with my logo.

Sold out.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Back reads: I'd Call Him Instead
 Ghost orders are back open again! For those new to how this works, orders are open until Monday, January 21st. Once orders close, please allow approximately 14 days to receive your garment. Only what is ordered will be printed, except for a small run. I can't guarantee your size will be available if you don't order before the 21st.

Shirts are Gildan Ultra Sport Grey (90/10 blend, 50/50 blend for hoodies and sweatshirts). Style 2000 for short sleeve and 2400 for long. 16400L for ladies. Sweatshirts are style 18000 and hoodies are 18500. These numbers are provided if you are interested in Googling size charts. Sport grey tends to fit about right to size.

Orders are closed. 

I expect the shirts to arrive by Feb 1st. They will begin mailing out the next day.