Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Congratulations! (Giveaway Time!)

Congratulations are in order for twitter user @tipsyfuddle who was randomly selected the winner in this Magnet Giveaway. Thanks very much to everyone who participated. As you know...there will be more in the future!

@tipsyfuddle please send your mailing address to jiggslikesphish@gmail.com.

Giveaway Time!

It's been a little while since the last giveaway, so it's time for a new one!

Today I will be giving away a set of 3 magnets. This set will include one ASIHTOS (which will not be available anywhere until this summer) a 7 Below, and a Tweezer Madness. The other magnets are available here.

Twitter followers who have been with me for a little while know how this works. Simply tweet the message below and I will pick a random winner among the tweets by 4pm today. You will be mentioned on Twitter as the winner, and DM'd if possible. There are a couple of simple rules that will help. Please read before participating...1) Please be available at the deadline so I can get the mailing address from the winner. A new winner will be selected if I cannot reach you. 2) Please make sure to tweet the message exactly as is to qualify for the giveaway. 3) No exchanges or substitutions.

Check out these collectible magnets from @jiggslikesphish http://tinyurl.com/howdotheywork #phish

Bethel Shirts

These shirts were done with the 3 Night Run in Bethel, NY in mind. They are only available through the PhanArt blog, not here. The pre-order period starts today and will be open until this Friday (April 1st), and then PhanArt will make the shirts available to all after that...get your order in now to secure your preferred size.

Shirts are in the process of being made currently and will be ready to ship out the week of April 11th. Bethel shirts are printed on Gildan Tan Tees and are 100% cotton. Each shirt costs $17 (S, M, L, XL), $19 for XXL, $21 for XXXL. Shipping is included in the cost of each shirt. 

Please do not email me here at Jiggs Lot. These shirts are being handled by the PhanArt blog. ORDER HERE

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finished Print - ASIHTOS

Here's the final print of the ASIHTOS design as it will appear on the garment. Long sleeves and hoodies will appear a shade darker, of course. The rest of these have to print, and then be shipped to me. I will post when they are in, and also let you know when they begin to ship out. Pre-order on this is closed. No more orders will be accepted. If you can find me this summer....I will have about a dozen of these. M, L, and XL only.

Close up
Short Sleeve / Chestnut

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Process - ASIHTOS Shirts

The ASIHTOS shirts are getting ready to be printed this week. Keep watching this post for updated photos.

Transparency on Unexposed Screen

Black Screen
Production Assistant

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mike in Asheville

It's pretty safe to say that Gordon is throwing down this tour. The band is in a great place compared to the last time I saw them in Asheville. Besides having no opening band this time, the energy level was also way higher. You'll get no comparison from me to other band members or side projects, but if you have the chance to see Mike this tour...do not pass it up.

Two sets gave us a lot more choices for songs. It was nice to hear a meatier Spiral and a stellar Andelman's Yard make a return. Mike ended the first set with a couple newer songs from an upcoming album, saying "We never play the setlist anyway...it's irrelevant." Some of my favorite highlights included the cover songs. 15 Steps and Time (The Revalator) were both incredible versions. During the Gillian Welch tune I could actually feel the floor of the Orange Peel shaking. The Phish "cover songs" were also a great treat. The way the band tackles Mound is something to behold.

What is it about Asheville that has Mike (and also Trey) saying they love our town so much? Maybe it was the chocolate. Thankfully I didn't have to drive very far to catch this band, but I easily would have.

Scroll down for video of Access Me.

Saturday, March 20th, 2011  The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC

Set One Morphing Again, What Things Seem, 15 Step, The Grid >Makisupa Policeman, Fire From A Stick, I Miss My Mind, River Niger, Flashback, Babylon Baby

Set Two Andelmans' Yard, Easy To Slip >The Field, Access Me>Time (The Revelator), Spiral, No One Receiving >Weekly Time >Suskind Hotel

Encore Mound

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Donation Update

I feel the need to explain my decision to go with the Red Cross when the time comes to donate the funds raised from the ASIHTOS shirts. Many have expressed reservations because of previous experiences with the Red Cross. The only thing that would be an ideal solution is personally handing a blanket and a bottled water to a cold thirsty Japanese citizen. None of us here can do that.

A lot has changed with the Red Cross in the last decade. Understandably, many will still have issues with that as a donation destination. However, the Japanese Red Cross Society has posted the following message on it's website

If you want to donate money to the affected population of earthquake and tsunami, please contact your national Red Cross/Crescent society, which may have already launched fundraising campaign within your country.

This message, coupled with the fact that the American Red Cross has a donation system allowing you to request your donation be used to specifically help Japan is what I used to reach my decision. I know this isn't going to make everyone happy, and for that I am sorry.

The ARC site also goes on to say this "....On those rare occasions when donations exceed American Red Cross expenses for a specific disaster, contributions are used to prepare for and serve victims of other disasters." This sentiment is echoed by the GiveWell blog, as it states "If you do give, your gift will probably be used (a) by the charity you give it to, for activities in a different country; (b) for non-disaster-relief-and-recovery efforts in Japan."

Since Japan has requested assistance from the American Red Cross, some Red Cross funds will be used immediately, but there's a possibility that these funds will be used for future recovery efforts in Japan. That is likely where your shirt dollars will be going.

I wanted to be absolutely clear on that, so that no one got the wrong impression. I am fine with that, as Japan has a very long road ahead of it. Recovering from this will be no easy task. If these dollars go to help someone 3 or 4 months out rather than tomorrow, it doesn't matter to me. My efforts here, in the big scheme of things are minimal. The idea behind this project is that I felt like I should do something....rather than nothing.

Thank you for your continued support.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ocean Shirts For Japan

I have had this design for quite some time. I have been tweaking it and changing it for about 2 years, trying to get it the way I like it. Originally I had planned on doing it over the summer (2011) in hopes the song would become more of a staple, but it's not that well known of a beer brand. Considering what happened in Japan, I thought it would be a good thing to do a run of this design specifically to benefit relief efforts there.

Close up of design
I will account for all shirt costs to produce these, then donate the rest to (at this point) the American Red Cross. In the rare event that donations exceed costs for the relief efforts there, some funds would be redistributed to domestic issues (per the Red Cross website). I am open to changing the destination of the funds if someone can provide me with good information on where else to donate.

The shirt color is Chestnut to represent the bottle color. Chocolate will be used for the long sleeves and hoodies. Grey will be used to substitute the tall sizes. The print is white, red, and black and features the kanji symbol meaning 'ocean' or 'sea'. The image will be roughly 7 inches across the front. The design is based off of the Asahi beer brand (which, I am told, is the most popular beer in Japan), and features the acronym for the song in the main text. As well as a hopeful message of "Shining Light in Darkness Deep" where the brewery information would normally be. For short sleeves, I will be using Gildan 100% cotton shirts, long sleeves will be my standard Gildan 2400. The only difference is the ladies shirts will be style 64000L. The hoody is style 18500 (7.5 oz.). This is a pre-order only. Pre-order will be open until March 20th. No more orders will be accepted after that point. No Special Orders. I am expecting about a 10 day turn around from the time that the pre-order closes. I am only accepting PayPal. I am unable to keep up with all the checks and MO's and addresses otherwise. I apologize for the inconvenience.

White, Red & Black on Chestnut

Pre-order is closed

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Your Phish Ticket Request

Dear Jiggs,

We regret to inform you that you did not get the tickets that you requested through Phish Tickets. So many people ordered tickets for shows they have no intention of attending,  that it has prevented you and others only ordering for the shows they are attending from getting tickets.

You will have another chance to purchase tickets on the public on-sale date. However, with Ticketmaster's legal scalping, and shitty website we both know that is bullshit. For specific on-sale information please refer to the tour dates section at http://www.Phish.com/tourdates.

However, closer to show time, those who over-bought tickets will be scrambling to unload them, as they realize the market will not pay what they thought they could get for them. We have provided this scenario, so that you, and others, would be able to attend the shows you want at a discounted rate.For any customer service related questions, you are on your own. Best of luck.

P.S. Can't wait to see what shirt you have planned for this summer.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trey in Columbus

I'm so glad I made the decision to drive up to Ohio for this show. As the plans grew, the invitations were responded to, and the van was rented, I realized this was the exact brand of fun I could not miss out on.

So we drove.

Clocking in at just about a 8.5 hour trip, we cruised into Columbus on Friday night to begin the pre-game festivities. (On that note, please remind me this summer that I am not a spring chicken.) We can't begin to thank the folks at the Mound House enough for their awesome hospitality and great food. Thanks also to the friends I may not have officially "met" while there. It was awesome to finally get to hang out with you guys.

Please drink responsibly. Would you like to supersize that?
The van got there in enough time to hang out for a bit at the A&R Bar. We began referring to the super-sized drink cups they offered as the "JumboTronz". (Yours truly stuck with the regular size) We were surprised to learn that we could just walk in next door to the venue with the drinks we just purchased. Cool idea. I wish other bars nearby to venues would follow this practice. I am discovering that I am quite terrible at meet-ups, so I missed the Tweet-up. And, since my phone is a slab of marble and a chisel, I can't see the actual Twitter Feed. One day I will upgrade.

The room itself was painted matte black and looked like a black-box theatre. Once inside, we set ourselves up right near Ray side towards the front. The sound was very good once we moved a little closer towards the center, but all in all was mixed very well, and we stayed near Rays rig. I must mention that the talking during the acoustic set was still very present, though while being there I didn't seem to be distracted by it quite as much as I thought. As I tweeted that night, it was like hanging out at a giant campfire where everyone knew the words. I very much enjoyed this portion of the show. The Hood was a big surprise and worked really well as a solo acoustic song, especially with everyone singing along. Instead of ending with a Caymen, the first set just kept going. Hearing Burn that Bridge and Ocelot with horns was a major highlight for me.

Second set hit the ground running with Jibboo. This was another highlight for me. It was great to see the interplay between Trey and Ray. Ray's levels were so perfectly in the pocket, small subtle little note changes drove this jam. The video is well worth checking out.

Besides the extremely solid standards (Burlap deserves a mention here), we were treated to the second Simple Twist Up Dave on the tour thus far. I have been waiting almost 10 years to hear this one, and Trey did not disappoint. The horn lines, Tony, Trey's layering...it was a sweet reward.

It's probably still going to take a little bit of time to go through the rest of the videos I collected. Keep checking back on my YouTube channel for more complete songs from the 2/26/11 TAB performance. Thanks again to everyone who made our trip possible.