Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Do You See?

A man and a woman are sitting in a field staring up at the sky. They are watching passing clouds and trying to see what shapes they look like. This goes on peacefully for a while. They mostly notice simple shapes...cats, dogs, flowers...until the shapes start becoming more difficult to associate with something recognizable. As the clouds became unfamiliar and more difficult to categorize, the couple began coming up with much different perceptions of what they saw. One would experience joy and elation at finding a Dragon, while the other would see pure disappointment that it was simply a Log.

As the afternoon wore on, the couple began to argue. "If you can't see what I see, then you must have no imagination at all!" one was heard saying. "It's as plain as day!" the other would respond, "...everyone on the planet would agree with me, that cloud looks like nothing!" This continued on until before right the sun began to set.

What do you see?
They had gotten themselves so worked up about who was more experienced in cloud watching, and what they were actually seeing that they missed what both would have agreed was the most beautiful sunset of their lives.

Like clouds, Phish's music can be perceived in so many different ways, by so many different types of people. There's no one way to enjoy them, and no one, despite what they would like you to believe, is any more experienced at enjoying the music than anyone else. There are many who are more knowledgeable about titles and statistics, but no one can tell you whether or not you can still have fun.

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